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Setting Cardsharing receivers on Skyway / Openbox serii S

Descriptions of the settings on the emulator of this series there are many receivers, but the issues do not become less, in this thread a little generalize and consider cardsharing settings on the emulator mgcamd an example Openbox S5. The description will be derogated, which I hope will be helpful to owners of other receivers on the basis of the Linux operating system with the same emulator.
Before we move on to configuring the card sharing make a small digression to describe the programs and components, that we might need
and help in setting up.

Configuring access for Telnet and FTP receiver.


The Windows XP built-in telnet client is enabled by default, but in Windows Vista and Windows7 need to activate it.
On Windows7 example, consider a couple of ways, how to do it:

Turning method telnet 1:

Start – Control Panel – Programs and Features – Enabling or disabling windows components – Telnet client (we put a tick)

Turning method telnet 2:
Command prompt run as administrator (Start – type cmd – the pop-up window on the right mouse cmd.exe application –
Run as administrator):

and give the command:

dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient

We wait until the complete activation process

For a connection to the receiver via telnet open a command prompt and give the command: telnet ip address of your receiver, in my case it telnet ( see the IP address can be: Menu- Settings- network installation- IP Address ) and click Enter

Then there is the login request, enter root and click Enter

We prikonnektilis to the receiver, and the receiver can give commands or to obtain the necessary us of information.

As well as a client, you can use putty a telnet program. run the program – specify the telnet protocol – Host Name ( or IP address) specify the IP address
receiver- we click Open

And then as to prescribe vindovyh telnet login and reiterate ( and if you need a password)


Access to an FTP receiver, consider the example of the built-in FTP client program Total Commander. Download Total Commander mozhno link
Just agree, the IP address of the receiver we already know.

Run Total Commander- Network- Connect to FTP- server

Next, create a connection: Add- connection name: arbitrary- Server: specify the IP address of the receiver – Account: root – password: no password ( just below point passwords, which are used on some models of receivers) – remote directory: we point / var to at a connection, we immediately fall into this folder- OK>

After that, how to create a connection, you can connect to the receiver: Network – Connect to FTP-server – choose our established connection – connect

And here we are in the folder / var receiver

Now on configuring the emulator itself.. A very detailed description of the settings of the emulator described mgcamd link

In our case, we need to dwell only on the edit file newcamd.list since an attached archive all other files are already configured for our server.. Download the archive, unpack it on your computer in any convenient folder for you. In the folder / plugin / var you will have two folders: bin и keys
The keys have a folder configuration files for the emulator mgcamd:
mg_cfg – ( main configuration file of the emulator settings)
ignore.list – ( ignore file Qaeda / auth / chidov)
priority.list- ( file priority Qaeda / auth / chidov)
replace.list – ( priority / substitution Qaeda / TAG file)
newcamd.list – ( with server configuration file )

In the bin folder:
mgcamd – ( emulator) – ( file auto-emulators / plug-ins after the unit is turned on )

A bit about the editor for configuration files, I use or AkelPad or EditPad Pro can be used vindovyh notebook, but I still would advise to use a third-party editor.
Sometimes there are cases of errors when setting, which are mentioned in the report of configuration errors mgcamd, as well as we consider one of the following errors.

So we downloaded archive with the emulator and config, unpacked it, Now we need to install the emulator and configs in the receiver and adjust the view of the purchased package..
Connected to the receiver via FTP Total Commander ( to do this we have considered above). Suppose in the left window of Total Commander we var folder receiver,
to the right to open the downloaded and unpacked folder with the emulator and config

Tereré open the folder in the receiver keys and on the computer as the same folder and copy all the files from a computer to the receiver ( It means the natural keys files from the downloaded folder in the folder keys on the receiver) , if the keys do not have a folder on the receiver, copy the folder with the files. Copying by extracting the desired file or folder and pressing F5 on your keyboard or click the mouse on the same in Total Commander.

Just as we do with the files in the folder / var / bin ie. We open this in the receiver and a computer and copy the files and mgcamd from a computer to the receiver in the appropriate folder

Now we need to give the appropriate rights ( attributes) files, about them you can read more here
Right, we'll give a numerical representation, immediately clarify, the files in the folder must have the keys right ( attributes) – 644, in the bin folder – 755
Now consider in Total Commander to assign appropriate permissions files. So start with mgcamd and files in the folder / var / bin as we have already agreed they should have the right 755
Open the folder / var / bin receiver- Select the file mgcamd- we click at the top “files”- change attributes

Clicks to change attributes – window opens, which has the ability to edit files right from, in our case it is necessary to register 755 and click OK

See what rights file can be in the column “attributes”

We do the same manipulations and keys folder, Only the attributes of a file is assigned attributes 644

With this we understand, Now we need to edit newcamd.list, ie. enter data into it with the settings on the server, it can be done on a computer and, peel the file using the appropriate editor before copying to your receiver or directly on the receiver by selecting the file in the Total Commander and clicking F4

So in billing we specified the type of receiver- based on the Linux operating system and have received about this type of setup, if you bought one pack:

CWS = server port login password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

Select the settings and paste in nyukamd sheet, previously removing all there

Here I recommend you to pay special attention to the setting of the file, I wrote about it above and I repeat here ( which is why I advise to use these text editors)
lines before the settings should be no gaps, otherwise the emulator will not see these settings, ie like in the image below SHOULD NOT be


Save changes to a file and load into the receiver, We agree with the replacement.. We set up the emulator, left to run it from the receiver menu, the remote receiver selects

– Menu- apps- plugins- select mgcamd- green button on the remote ( start )

Additional questions regarding the map data can be set on the Forum about satellite TV

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What is Cardsharing ?

Kardşaring - nothing else, as the distribution of other users with the official DW key card via the Internet or a local area network. As a server, handing out the keys on a specific package, can serve Dreambox - satellite receiver based on the Linux operating system, a computer with a connected programmer and appropriate software and some other. every 10 sec. DW is read from the card keys, these keys are sent to all users, connected to the server (of course not for free). In view of the, that occurs every shift key 10 seconds, To use this service you must have an Internet connection with MBs charging.

Key handover eat off very little Internet traffic, the average for hour view 80 -250 kb. But at the same Internet connection must be pretty high quality. If the Internet "dead", the loss will occur and at that moment the picture on your TV will freeze or pour. Currently key distribution is carried out by the 2nd main protocols: Newcamd 525 (TCP), Cmd 357 (UDP). The most resistant to packet loss are TCP protocols, ie Newcamd 525. But they consume a little more traffic (Unlike small from Samd 357). This is important only for those, who uses GPRS.

Familiarize yourself with prodseduroy can connect to Cardsharing HERE