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Company Cardsharing-Server LLC - your chance to favorably connect to the service and IPTV Cardsharing. You will find a wide range of packages and channels.

Why you should order cardsharing services in our company?

Free test cardsharing any package 12 hours.
Automatically connect within 10 minutes.
And Cardsharing and IPTV with a balance.
Availability of library for IPTV customers without advertising in Full HD.
Bonuses Recharge (eg, pay 50$ - you get 100$).
Payment via all popular payment systems.
High stability and trouble-free viewing.
12 years on the market.
Professional technical support 24/7.
The largest community. In our forum more 200 thousands of users.
You can be sure that your question will remain unanswered.

The forum of our company you can find answers to your questions about the setup of satellite TV, Internet and all, due to Cardsharing. You can also get free advice from our manager.

service News

[2018-09-30]      Changes in the IPTV package

The IPTV packages added channels: our TV, Eurosport Gold HD, Motorsport TV, Motorsport TV HD, Babes HD.

[2018-09-30]      action Cbilling !

Take part in the draw 1 months of free viewing IPTV CIS packet HD + SD and VIP package Cardsharing.
Check, was whether your account for individual share, You will be able to login and access to billing.

[2018-09-30]      Auto renewal packages

The billing for resellers and normal users became available automatic extension Cardsharing packets and IP-TV.

[2018-09-30]      Changes in the IPTV package

The IPTV package became available to Turkish channels, who work in the on-demand mode, from which channel switching time can be up to 20 seconds.

[2018-09-30]      Mediatheque in IPTV

IPTV users CIS packages (HD+SD), IPTV CIS (Sport Original) и IPTV HD+SD (pozaprosny rate) Media Library is now available – Movies in Full HD quality. Viewing is possible through the portal Stalker, OTT Player, Либо Navigator OTT OTT Play.

[2018-09-30]      The change in the NTV +

DTX on television broadcasting NTV PLUS platform discontinued due to changes in conditions of the contract with the copyright holder.

[2018-09-30]      Changes in the package Telecard

The package is available for new channels Telecard: “BRIDGE HD”, “Indian film”, “Visiting a fairy tale”, “Our New Movie”, “Men Movie HD”, “horse World”, “Telenovella”, “HD Wild Hunting”, “Wild Fishing HD”, “Kinomiks HD” on 11880 H 28800 FEC 2/3 DVB-S2 / 8PSK.

TV channel “Eyes of tourists HD” available on 11800 H 28800 FEC 2/3 DVB-S2 / 8PSK.

[2018-09-30]      Changes in the package Adult

TV channel “Vivid Red HD” He appeared in the package Adult (13is / 19e) and Adult – Sex Channel TV (13e) at a frequency 11054 H SR 27500 FEC 5/6 DVB-S/MPEG-4. Encoding – Viaccess (0500:050f00).

[2018-09-30]      HD Change in the package +

TV channel “RTL UHD” appeared in the HD + package (19e) at a frequency 11391 H 22000 FEC 5/6 DVB-S / QPSK.

good to know

Adding one payment balance:

15 $ get 20 $

20 $ get 28 $

25 $ get 38 $

30 $ get 48 $

35 $ get 60 $

40 $ get 72 $

45 $ get 86 $

50 $ get 100 $


15 $ get 17,5 $

20 $ get 24 $

25 $ get 31,5 $

30 $ get 39 $

35 $ get 47,5 $

40 $ get 56 $

45 $ get 65,1 $

50 $ get 75 $

100 $ get 200 $

A bit of theory

Cardsharing - the ability to watch TV channels on one card access on multiple devices simultaneously. The technology provides shared user access to the subscriber card and allows good save. To work needed satellite receiver and Internet channel. Internet bandwidth is irrelevant, since he is not used to transfer the image, but only for transmitting the decoding key. Image encoded SD, HD, 4to the channel is on the satellite channel with very serious bandwidth.

In other words, you do not need to buy the official cards, you can connect to our small fee. Kardşaring - the cheapest way to watch scrambled satellite channels. In our case, Sharing the role of servers perform powerful servers in different countries of the world. Select Server Cardsharing comes from the billing panel and takes a few minutes. Always available server operating on the territory of the Russian Federation.

mistakenly assume, that the distribution of keys is carried out only in one direction - from the server to the user. In fact, the user sends a request to the server in the form of CW key, this key is processed on the server and the official map with the response is sent from the server in the form DW user key, why satellite Internet in its purest form is not suited without nazemki. Cardsharing itself when properly configured eat off very little Internet traffic, an average of an hour viewing - 80-140 kb, but the Internet connection must be pretty high quality. If the Internet is rather weak, it will arise packet loss, and at this moment the picture on your TV will freeze for a while, or pour.

key distribution is carried out on protocol Newcamd (Newcamd 525). Qualitative Cardsharing distinguishes the quality of support and stability tehnichestkoy view. Both have the maximum level.

IPTV - TV streaming, does not require specific hardware, for important only online channel. The video stream is completely over the Internet so Internet connection speed is paramount.

Company Cardsharing-Server LLC provides services to 2005 of the year. Our services are already used by thousands of people - all of them are satisfied with our service. Book a free testing service Cardsharing , and will be able to personally experience the highest quality of our service. For IPTV, free testing is not provided, but there pozaprosny tariff with no monthly fee, at this rate a few cents is enough to set up and tested with an excess.

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